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The GroupM Blister Sisters have committed to the Unlimited Three Peaks challenge on their 20th anniversary, partnering with the White Lion Foundation to support kids at risk.

We'll be sweating it out at weekly training and weekend trails, no doubt overcoming many early mornings, sore joints and muscles to raise money for children in need, so they can get the support they deserve to thrive. We'd love your support! Please contribute by donating to this worthy cause.

My Updates

25 Mar 2024

Brooklyn to Cowan on Sunday - what a hike! Brutal from the start, but a beautiful. From heaving ourselves up, down and around rocks, boulders and trees, with breathtaking views, it's an amazing walk. And a good walk to get us prepared for a brutal start on Mt Bogong. Just over 5 weeks to go.....the countdown is on!

18 Mar 2024

7 weeks to go, so time to ramp up the effort. A lot has happened in the last few weeks, we've welcomed two new team members Meg and Rika, we've had a boost in donations for which we're truly grateful (keep them coming) and there have been lots of different hiking trails to get the team ready for the 3 Peaks.

12 Feb 2024

Another weekend, another training session....this time in the rain as most of the team trekked from Taronga to Manly, Agnes did Avalon Beach to Barrenjoey Lighthouse and Suz stuck closer to home across the hilly terrain of Mosman.

07 Feb 2024

This challenge is all about raising money to help kids at risk.
Whitelion Youth, which has now merged with Kids First Australia is a leading community organisation building relationships and tailoring services for young people to positively change their lives, provide support in overcoming adversity and enhance the trajectory of their future.

On the 20th Anniversary of the Three Peaks Challenge, we'd like to blow it out of the park!

Every dollar counts, so please give generously today!

07 Feb 2024

Welcome to our newest member, Agnes! couldn't make the team training, but still put in the hours to the Spit to Manly and back. Stellar effort!

07 Feb 2024

Doing it tough with the Three Peaks training crew....Thanks Chris!!!

07 Feb 2024

Training this time around the Eastern Suburbs, Clovelly to Maroubra and back on a sunny and hot Sunday. Again, a perfect location and view of the spectacular beaches and another bunch of stairs to remind us that we are indeed, in training. Apparently the Mount Bogong in Vic, the last of the Three Peaks, is the South Coogee stairs for about 4 hours....YAY, can't wait.

07 Feb 2024

Training started last weekend of Jan, with Bear, Jane and I walking the Spit to Manly, surviving a light rainfall and lots of stairs - but hey the view of Sydney's northern beaches was breathtaking (or maybe that was just the stairs).

07 Feb 2024

We're so excited, we're growing as a team, now up to 5 - happy to take on more, so let us know if you're keen!

Team Members

Megan Naylor-Smith
Kathy Clegg
sagorika sen
Suzanne Corliss
Claire Aylott
Jane Kezerle
Agnes Szlahotka

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