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460degrees is an Expert Management Agency that believes
in the power of transformation through empowerment. As experienced players in the
fast-paced and highly competitive world of Business and Technology consulting, they
are forging a new approach to complex solution delivery.

The core of 460degrees’ business is the identification of talented people, paired with strong investment in and development of their skill sets so that they can then affect innovative change.

460degrees is disrupting the global industry of large-scale corporations, statistics, and
cookie-cutter solutions by recognising the power of the individual.
When Whitelion was introduced to 460degrees, the parallels between their work were
immediately evident.

Our CEO Werner Spies shares his journey with Whitelion and the Three Peaks Challenge.

“I was first introduced to Whitelion about a year ago, at an end of year function in 2017, by one
of our 460degrees Senior Consultants Andrew Coppens. Andrew has been involved as a
Project Manager with Whitelion for a few years now, and was really instrumental in establishing
the Three Peaks Challenge.

After hearing from Andrew about Whitelion’s history and their commitment to creating
meaningful change, it didn’t take long to get me onboard. So, I decided to participate, as an
individual, in the 2018 Three Peaks Challenge. And what a challenging and rewarding
experience it was.

The physical challenge is one thing – I walked 30kms a week in the months leading up to the
event trying to prepare my body. But the experience of the event is so much more than the hike

You’re in a team of about 80 people, from all different organisations across Melbourne – the
Sydney group follows the day afterwards – including the young people from Whitelion’s
programs. You’re all bunking and trying to get through the 33 hours together. It’s about mindset
as much as anything. It creates a wonderful environment for interaction. I was able to mentor
some of the youth, but it’s really about banding together with people who have different life
experiences, and all learning from each other.

The Three Peaks Challenge only confirmed the parallels I saw between 460degrees and
Whitelion – and the hike is a wonderful opportunity to put those objectives into practice.

At 460degrees we seek to create meaning and purpose around individuals. We foster
growth, we’re excited by transformation, and we have a passion for challenging and
championing people to realise their full potential. We share Whitelion’s vision, we play
the same disruptive game.

So, we took the opportunity to become an official partner of the Three Peaks Challenge.
Looking forward to the hikes in March 2019, I’m excited to share the experience with 30 other
460degrees team members, directly assisting at-risk youth."

Werner Spies
Managing Director of 460degrees

460degrees and Whitelion – we’re both agents of change.

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