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Training is well underway as we etch closer to the event! Join us for the Three Peaks Challenge, where participants raise vital funds for Kids First supporting Whitelion programs. Sponsor individuals or teams and make a lasting impact on the lives of vulnerable youth. Donate now!

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We'll take you on an unforgettable trek

Take a hike over three days, through the heart of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), New South Wales (NSW), and Victoria (VIC). 

Bus transfer transfer included between each location.

Day 1

Mount Tennent

Where the adventure begins, and the spirit of the challenge is born.

Day 2

Mount Kosciuszko

Australia's highest peak, where you'll touch the sky and feel on top of the world… because you will be.

Day 3

Mount Bogong

Majestic and awe-inspiring, you'll conquer the final peak of our incredible journey.

Select between 2 tour dates

1-4 May, 2024

Early bird price - $549 (Ends Jan 5, 2024)
Full price - $649

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1-4 May, 2024
(Now combined)

Early bird price - $549 (Ends Jan 5, 2024)
Full price - $649


Registration now closed - $649

Our motto this year is

"Celebrating the Past, Creating Bright Futures."

Join us for an event like no other, where connection, collaboration, courage, and conquering some of Australia’s most breathtaking natural wonders come together for an incredible, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Whether you're looking to up your hiking game, make new friends, or simply seeking an adventure of a lifetime, our 20th-anniversary Three Peaks Challenge promises to be an unforgettable way to raise money for young people in search of a bigger, brighter tomorrow.

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Event Sponsors

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Help us reach our $250,000 goal

I have an [X] litre backpack - will this be okay?

We recommend at a minimum, you bring a 35L backpack.

If you have a bigger backpack you're welcome to bring that – as long as it's comfortable, and can fit everything you need to carry on-mountain.

Most of our guides will be using a backpack around the 55/60L size, but they'll be carrying emergency equipment, so they need the extra space.

The packing list recommends bringing both “Lightweight Pants” and “Long Thermal Bottoms”. Are exercise leggings okay?

Exercise leggings will do just fine. 

Is transport to and from the event included?

Transport within the event (from arrival in Canberra to the conclusion in Bright) is provided courtesy of Crown Coaches.


It is the participants responsibility to get themself to and from the event. Options provided are below. 

Option 1: Transport from Melbourne

If travelling from Melbourne, there will be bus service departing from Spencer Street the day prior to the event, courtesy of Crown Coaches. Accomodation for this night will be the participants responsibility as this is not part of the event or transport offering. If flying to Canberra the morning of the event, there will be a Crown Coaches bus service collecting participants from Canberra Airport at 8:30am.

Option 2: Transport from NSW

A bus service will collect participants from Sydney central station the morning of the event. (approximately 4.30am)

Return to both Melbourne & Sydney

A bus will be on offer to take participants to both Sydney Central Station (NSW) and Spencer Street Station (VIC) the morning after the event concludes. 

All timings will be confirmed closer to the event. 

I'm looking to buy trekking poles –  what should l look for? Is expensive better?

We recommend poles with clips, rather than the ones that twist to lock to length.

Collapsible trekking poles feature one of two collapsing mechanisms – clips, or a twist-lock. Cheaper poles tend to be twist-lock, and the mechanisms a notorious for getting dirt and grit inside them which causes them to get stuck and be annoying to extend/retract.

Pop into a reputable outdoor adventure store like Paddy Palin where the staff are incredibly knowledgeable, and you can have a walk around the store with different kinds of poles to get a feel for what you like best.

I'm researching waterproof jackets and pants to purchase, and getting really confused. The prices and ratings vary a lot! What level of waterproofing is sufficient?

Our recommendation is to bring/buy waterproof jacket and pants with a minimum 10K MM waterproof rating.

When researching waterproof gear you'll see both 'GSM' and 'MM' ratings. GSM refers to breathability rating, and 'MM' refers to the waterproof rating - or how much water your garment can tolerate before you'll get wet. Check out this handy table for more information on waterproof ratings.

 Waterproof clothing/equipment is a 3 way trade-off between waterproof-ness, breathability, and cost. Waterproofing is critical and should be your first preference.

How long is each hike?

Day 1 - Mt Tennant
15 km, 5 hour return hike from Namadgi Visitor Centre.
A challenging walk featuring varied terrain, with magnificent views.

Day 2 - Mt Kosciuszko
18.6km, 7 hour return hike via Charlotte pass.
Experience breathtaking panoramic views over the Snowy Mountains. Discover historic settler huts, weathered snow gums and stunning rock formations.

Day 3 - Mt Bogong
21.5km, 9 hour hike via Staircase Spur.
From the summit, you can enjoy once-in-a-lifetime panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, valleys, and lakes.

Will I sleep in a bed?

Yes, all participants will have access to shared accommodation in a local town within close proximity of each of the mountains. Accommodation is maximised to ensure as much money as possible goes towards the young people and children we service so be prepared to bunk with friends. Please note each person will have their own bed and cabins will be allocated as all same sex cabins.

What will the food be like?

Food will be catered by local food establishments such as bakeries, local restaurants and local caterers. You will be supplied breakfast lunch and dinner and drinks on all 3 days, as well as snacks and drinks for when you are hiking.  All dietary requirements will be catered for.  

What happens if I get injured?

All of our guides and support crew are first aid trained so will be available to assist you should an injury occur. If you can no longer climb, you will join our support crew and help us to cheer on your fellow team members.

What do I need to bring?

A full list of gear to bring along will be emailed to you with your welcome pack. Ensuring that you have the correct mandatory equipment will ensure that you have the best chance of succeeding at the challenge.

While we strive to follow the recommended routes outlined in the itinerary for the Three Peaks Challenge.

However it's important to note that they may be subject to change. Being in the natural environment, unforeseen circumstances like fires, fallen trees/branches, closed walking tracks and safety considerations outlined by local authorities might necessitate slight alterations. Rest assured, any such adjustments will be clearly communicated prior to event day.